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This free eBook includes content from the website along with two bonus chapters - "The Side Project Launching Pad" and "Think Like an Entrepreneur."

Provided in .PDF format, now you can be savvy regardless of Internet speed or connection!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Pad Your Portfolio
  3. Build Your Brand
  4. Earn Extra Money
  5. Provide Resources
  6. Polish Your Skills
  7. The Side Project Launching Pad (Bonus Chapter)
  8. Think Like an Entrepreneur (Bonus Chapter)

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Introduction (Taken From eBook)

SIDE PROJECTS. They're a normal part of our industry. We tackle them to pad our portfolios and sharpen our skills. But they also allow us to earn extra income, build our personal brand, and provide helpful resources to the community.

The downside to side projects is that, well, they’re something we pursue on the side. And let's face it - our lives are very busy! We have day jobs, families, and countless other obligations.

So the question is: How can we work smarter - not harder - when it comes to executing and utilizing side projects? In other words, how can we work more efficiently? More productively? Even more profitably?

It was that question that led me to create the Savvy Side Projects website as well as this eBook. (The latter containing bonus content not found on the website.) I wanted to offer a resource that answered those questions. That provided practical tips that anyone can implement, no matter their goals or skill level. (All the while adding to my own portfolio because, after all, that’s being savvy!)

If this short eBook, authored by little 'ole me, saves you time and frustration...if it allows you to create more, more quickly...if it helps you to polish your skills and firmly establish your brand...well, it's been my humble pleasure!

Best Wishes in All You Create,
Jenn Murray